All executable programs downloaded from this page are compiled to run on Windows platforms. Contact us if you would like Linux versions. We can send you source code and makefiles for the PEST suite, the PEST_HP suite, PLPROC, OLPROC, LUMPREM and some of the programs of the Groundwater Utilities suite.


What’s in the zip file?

  • 32-bit versions of PEST, BEOPEST (the parallel version of PEST) and its utility suite;
  • A 64-bit version of BEOPEST;
  • Manuals for PEST, BEOPEST and the PEST utility suite;
  • Files for two example problems that are described in the PEST manual.

What’s in the zip file?

  • 64-bit versions of PEST and many of its utilities. These run faster than their 32 bit counterparts and can handle larger problem sizes;
  • The names of these programs are the same as those of the regular PEST suite, but with a prefix of “I64”. “I” signifies compilation with the Intel compiler.

What’s in the zip file?

  • Source code and makefiles for PEST and all utilities;
  • Compilation instructions - see file unixpest.pdf in doc folder.

Unzip to obtain pest18.tar. Copy pest18.tar to a suitable directory on your machine. Then execute the command:

tar-xvf pest18.tar

PEST course code and makefiles will be placed in the pest_source subdirectory of the directory from which this command is issued. See unixpest.pdf for other instructions. 


What’s in the zip file?

  • A 64 bit version of PEST_HP;
  • A 64 bit version of PEST_HP linked to the Intel MKL library. This greatly expedites execution for very highly-parameterized inverse problems;
  • JACTEST_HP and CMAES_HP. JACTEST tests the integrity of finite-difference derivatives; CMAES_HP is a global optimizer;
  • ENSIPREP and ENSIMOD for ensemble space inversion
  • PWHISP_HP (the “PEST whisperer”);
  • PCOST_HP. (This estimates computing costs of PEST_HP inversion on the cloud);
  • RSI_HP. (Realization space inversion; uses a randomized Jacobian for super-efficient parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis.);
  • Documentation of all of the above.

What’s in the zip file?

  • Source code for PEST_HP and other programs of the HP suite;
  • Compilation instructions - see unixpest_hp.pdf.

Groundwater Utilities

What’s in the zip file?

  • All programs comprising the PEST Groundwater Utility suite;
  • A three-part manual for the PEST Groundwater Utilities.


Download PLPROC.

What’s in the zip file?

  • A 64 bit version of PLPROC;
  • Documentation of PLPROC.


Download a OLPROC.

What's in the zip file?

  • A 64 bit version of OLPROC;
  • Documentation of OLPROC.


Download TS6PROC.

What’s in the zip file?

  • A 64 bit version of TS6PROC;
  • Documentation of TS6PROC.


What’s in the zip file?

  • The LUMPREM lumped-parameter recharge model.
  • A new, upgraded version of LUMPREM named LUMPREM2.
  • Ancillary programs that assist in LUMPREM setup, and provide a linkage between LUMPREM and MODFLOW 6.
  • Documentation of all of the above.

Surface Water Utilities

What’s in the zip file?

  • Programs comprising the PEST Surface Water Utility suite;
  • Documentation of these programs.