PEST: Model-Independent Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis

“PEST” refers to a software package and to a suite of utility programs which supports it. Collectively, these are essential tools in decision-support environmental modelling.

PEST, the software package, automates calibration, and calibration-constrained uncertainty analysis of any numerical model. It interacts with a model through the model’s own input and output files. While estimating or adjusting its parameters, it runs a model many times. These model runs can be conducted either in serial or in parallel. PEST records what it does in easily-understood output files.

PEST, the software suite, performs a plethora of tasks that assist and complement model parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis. These include:

  • setup facilitation;
  • flexible spatial parameterization;
  • objective function definition;
  • linear prior and posterior uncertainty analysis;
  • nonlinear prior and posterior uncertainty analysis.

Many thanks to ESI and SSPA for funding these pages.

Latest change: March 27, 2021 - LUMPREM upgraded to LUMPREM2.

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