Modeling for decision support is much more than just numerical simulation. It requires that numerical simulation be turned to a very specific task. This task is quantification and reduction of the uncertainties of decision-critical predictions. These pages, and linked pages, provide educational resources on decision-support modeling in general, and use of PEST and PEST++ in particular.

A PEST course will be held in Switzerland over the week of 12-16 September, 2022. See PEST course 2022 ( for more details. 

Roadmaps, videos, webinars, tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions are accessible from these pages. 

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The PEST book provides a comprehensive discussion on the theory and practice of decision-support modeling. 

Education recourses for PEST++ and PyEMU are available from the PEST++ web site

Discussions, worked examples and other educational material are available from GMDSI web pages. The GMDSI project is new. The resources available from this page will expand with time.

The 2019 Darcy lecture delivered by John Doherty (author of PEST) also provides some food for thought on the topic of decision-support modelling.