PEST - Model-Independent Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis


Model-Independent Parameter Estimation
and Uncertainty Analysis

Welcome to the PEST web pages.

PEST is the industry standard software package for parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis of complex environmental and other computer models.
PEST is:
  • state-of-the art;
  • comprehensively documented;
  • accompanied by a plethora of utility programs that support its use in conjunction with widely-used groundwater and surface water models;
  • free.
Stroll through these pages to:
  • find out what PEST does;
  • download PEST;
  • download a comprehensive PEST tutorial; 
  • learn about upcoming PEST events;
  • meet other PEST users.
PEST - the Book

This brings together in one place all of the theory on which PEST and its suite of utility software is based. It also covers important issues like how models should be used in the decision-making context, uncertainty analysis, model-based hypothesis testing, and the effects of model defects on calibration, prediction and uncertainty analysis. This book makes an essential reference text for those engaged in environmental modelling. Find out more about the book.

New PEST Manuals

At last, documentation for PEST and its Utilities has been completely re-written!

The new PEST manual is detailed and comprehensive. It now comes in two parts.

Part I describes PEST itself (including Parallel PEST and BEOPEST), as well as the two PEST-compatible global optimisers CMAES_P and SCEUA_P. Part II documents over 100 utility support programs whose tasks include the following:

  • Assisting in PEST setup
  • PEST input dataset error checking
  • Manipulation of Jacobian and other matrices
  • Calculation of pre- and post-PEST-run statistics
  • Analysis of information content of existing or yet-to-be-acquired data
  • Linear and nonlinear parameter and predictive error and uncertainty analysis
  • Subspace analysis
For more information on anything to do with PEST contact us.

Here are some downloads that can help you quickly learn more about PEST, its philosophical underpinnings, and implications of PEST technology for model-based decision support:-

See the downloads page for much more.

By the way, a complete re-write of the PEST manual is being undertaken. It should be ready by February or March, 2016

These pages were last updated on 25th August 2016. (Notification of PEST course in The Netherlands.) 

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