PEST - Model-Independent Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis

Simile PEST Interface

PEST interface in the Simile Package

Simile is a system dynamics and object-based modelling simulation package for complex dynamic systems in the earth, environmental and life sciences. It employs a unique logic-based “declarative modelling” technology to represent the interactions in these systems in a clearly structured, visually intuitive way.

Features of Simile include:

  • Object-based representation, for handling disaggregation and individual-based modelling
  • Auto-generated C++ model code, for fast execution
  • Plug-and-play modules, supporting modular modelling; any part of a model can be extracted and used separately
  • Plug-in displays, allowing the user to create graphics specific to his/her field
  • Declarative model representation, making it easy to manipulate the model in complex ways
  • An interface to PEST

For more details see the Simile web pages

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