PEST - Model-Independent Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis


A Powerful Parameter List Processor

PLPROC's development was funded by the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training, Australia, to whom I am deeply indebted.

PLPROC is a “parameter list processor”. It was written to expedite the use of PEST in conjunction with complex spatial models which may possess structured or unstructured grids.

PLPROC provides a modeller with a high degree of flexibility in constructing a parameterization scheme for a complex model. PEST can estimate a set of spatial parameters (for example parameter values at sets of two or three dimensional pilot points); these are then translated to model-based, node or mesh parameters by PLPROC. The values of the latter can be written to model input files using template files with powerful embedded functions that allow complex data transfer using simple commands.

PLPROC’s capabilities include the following.

  • a high level language for use in PLPROC script files;
  • complex equations involving both individual variables and entire parameter lists;
  • two and three dimensional spatial interpolation using kriging as well as radial basis functions;
  • flexible transfer of information to model input files using traditional template files, as well as template files with embedded functions.

Download PLPROC including full documentation.

A list of functions that are presently supported by PLPROC follows. These will be expanded over time. In the following table a CLIST is structure containing a list of parameter coordinates and indexing information. A PLIST is a set of real numbers (normally parameter values) associated with the CLIST. An SLIST is a set of integers associated with the CLIST.


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