PEST - Model-Independent Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis

Enhanced TSPROC

TSPROC, the flagship utility of the PEST surface water utility suite,  has been expanded and documented in a 2012 U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods report (Westenbroek et al., 2012)! The new version retains all of the capabilities of the original TSPROC, and adds many new blocks designed to assist the user in crafting an objective function most appropriate to the problem at hand.  The new blocks include:


Calculate time series statistics on a monthly or annual basis without the need to supply a separate dates list.


Perform hydrograph separation by means of fixed interval, sliding interval, or local-minimum methods as described by Slotto and Crouse (1996). These methods nicely complement the existing baseflow separation and bandpass filters already in TSPROC.

HYDRO_EVENTS (peak flow detection and extraction)

Extract subsets of a time series for the days preceding and following peak events. This makes it easier to develop components of the objective function pertaining to specific parts of a storm hydrograph (rising limb, falling limb, etc.).


Calculate one or more of the 171 hydrologic indices described by Olden and Poff (2003). Similar to the HYDRO_EVENTS block, this new block allows for very specific characteristics of the hydrograph to be targeted for inclusion in the objective function. Classes of indices are included that pertain to the magnitude, frequency, duration, timing, and rate of change under average, low, and high-flow conditions.

Documentation for this new version of TSPROC may be found here: Executables may be downloaded here: The new TSPROC code design is modular and is suitable for extension via Fortran, c/c++, and Python.  A public Git repository containing TSPROC source code may be found here:

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